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Marketing is a Game.
I play to win.

Someone once told me advertising/marketing was all about money in and money out. Ever since then, I've maintained that marketing is a game.

Why do I think of it as a game?

Because someone wins and someone loses. There are thousands of ads every day, just trying to gain the attention of the user. Only a handful, if any, are successful at converting that user. My goal is to win for myself or my clients.

Currently I am a Marketing Manager at - a large brand in the web hosting industry. At HostGator, I have worked my way from an entry level support role, to Billing, Quality Assurance, and then up the Marketing chain.

My success is largely due to my ability to act as a swiss army knife. Whatever I can do to better the organization, I do it. While others may be laser focused on their specific role, I expand the boundaries and do the needful, no matter what the task is.

Outside of the daily work at HostGator, I also further my knowledge by running my own marketing campaigns and websites. If I'm not consulting with a client, I am testing out new Facebook ads, or trying a different strategy. To win at the marketing game, you need to continue learning.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.